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Sights and culture

  • Earth Pyramids: Impressive geological formations of stone and clay
  • The historical train: Since 1907 the narrow-gauge railway travels every 30 min. back and forth between Klobenstein /Collalbo and Oberbozen/Auna di sopra
  • The cablecar: This impressive example for modern technology connects the capital Bozen/Bolzano with Oberbozen/Auna di sopra, was renovated in 2008 and offers an incredible view over the city and the mountains
  • UNESCO world heritage Dolomite Mountains: the most beautiful mountains in the world with many trails and paths in a difficulty levels, climbing routes and rock climbing
  • The Gardens of Castle Trautmannsdorff: About 80 different themed plantations, already empress Sissi from Austria has spent precious time in these wonderful gardens next to the castle itself and the Tourism Museum.
  • Capital Bozen/Bolzano: The southern flair of the city is known for the many pretty coffee houses, beautiful squares, modern shops and traditional stores, historical buildings, museums, galleries and the special, relaxed atmosphere.